Mapping Integrated Medicine Centres

Dr. Jennifer Hunter of the National Institute for Complementary Medicine in
Australia is in the process of mapping out initiatives to establish Integrated
Medicine Centres all around the world. Could those of you with an interest
in this field and active in establishing such centres please contact Jennifer Hunter
signaling willingness to give more information? This would be much appreciated.

Jennifer’s contact:

Researchers unite!

CAM researchers, practitioners and policy makers in Europe now have their own organisational platform. Saturday, 8th November, The European Chapter of “International Society for Complementary Medicine Research” (ISCMR) was launched.

The history of this initiative goes back to the establishment of Euricam in 2004, a group with the purpose of setting up a research project for FP7. 40 people were present at the meeting, that took place during The European Congress of Integrative Medicine in Berlin.

The participants discussed among other subjects the levels of membership – should it be possible to be a member of the European organisation without being a member of the global ISCMR? No, was the answer.

The initial steering committee will continue until the next annual meeting, which probably will take place in Berlin again, in the fall of 2009. Members of the steering committee are: Harald Wallach (UK), Wolfgang Weidenhammer (Ger), Curina Guethlin (Ger) and Ursula Wolf (Ch).

To insure continuity, half of the committee will be elected in even-numbered years, the rest in odd-numbered years. The final number of members in the steering committee has not yet been decided.

The visions include co-operation about research, mapping of CAM in Europe, and preparing for FP8. A website under will be launched in the beginning of 2009.

If you consider being a member of ISCMR, go to

Fur further details please contact