CAMbrella is over – but not out

A European research approach, facilitated by a European Centre for CAM.

CAMbrella was terminated by the end of 2012. But the CAM research networking between the European researchers and organisations will continue.

At the final conference in Brussels, Nov. 29, the core points of the recommendations in the CAMbrella research roadmap were put on the European agenda:

CAMbrella researchers call for the European Commission to support research methods that reflect the real world settings of health care in Europe, and a European wide approach to research that reflects the needs of the citizens.

CAMbrella recommends a centralised and academically supported European Centre for CAM that could implement and make real such a strategy. CAMbrella coordinator Wolfgang Weidenhammer explains: ‘If CAM is to be employed as part of the solution to the health care challenges we face in 2020, it is vital to obtain reliable information on its cost, safety and effectiveness in real world settings. Our vision is for an evidence base to be established which enables European citizens and policy makers to make informed decisions about CAM.’

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