“navigating through the sea of CAM science, practice, prevalence and policy”

The focus of my services is the communication issues in the CAM community – research, business and politics.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine is a field with numerous players entering the scene, with different interests and status, operating outside the scientific establishment and public health authorities. A lot of experts, information and scientific data are available all over Europe – but it can be quite a challenge to find your way in the jungle of organisations, institutes, treatments, theories – and rumours.

  • How are we going to obtain an overview in this jungle?
  • How do our messages reach the relevant audience?
  • How to communicate with policy makers?
  • Who would be the right people to co-operate with regarding this issue?
  • How to get input on a specific issue from the most competent experts?
  • Which communication channel(s) would be the best to reach our audience?
  • How do we identify and build sustainable relations to our stakeholders?

My enterprise, RESCOMM ,offers a wide range of services including communication consultancy, websites, public relations, journalism and project management.

15 years of experience in CAM communication. (Please check this site for further information.)

Scientific references:

  • CAMbrella – a cooperation project funded by the EU Commission (FP7).
  • The Knowledge and Research Center for Alternative Medicine