Research & communication

Most communication professionals are working in the setting of business communication, using business related theories and tools. And the scientists neither have the experience, nor the incitement regarding themselves as businessmen. The debate on science communication is usually focused on disseminating research data to the public.

The vital triangle is management, production and communication. The strong dependency between those has been realized for decades by everyone – IBM, the local bakery and Barack Obama.

Lately – especially in the UK, if the rumors are valid – there is a growing understanding in academia, that this relationship exists in knowledge production as well, and that research communities can benefit strongly from making communication part of their projects.

Research communication does not seem to be very professionalised throughout Europe. Still, these days there must be quite a few communication professionals out there, working in/for research organizations.

So far, a knowledge sharing network has not yet been established. But at Linked In you will find a group, SCI-COMM. Please join, if you are working in a communication position in a research organization or centre.